Welcome Dog Lover!

You Want Your Dog to be Warm and Protected.
A Clarena Coat is lined for comfort and warmth, reflector-striped for protection from traffic, and water-resistant to shield against rain and wet snow.

Many Store or Web-bought Coats are Made for the Average Dog.
But the average size doesn’t fit your dog. A Clarena Coat is tailored to fit properly.

Dogs are Subject to Arthritis As They Age.
A Clarena Coat keeps your dog warm in cold weather and protects from the cold drafts common with a loose-fitting coat.

Many Coats Have a Warm Front Only.
But they are unprotected on the tummy,  legs and rear. Front half is warm, but the rest is subject to cold drafts. The YouTube video in our blog area shows the quality and care that Clarena lovingly designs into each custom made coat.

Your dog is depending on you. The dog you love deserves a Clarena Coat!

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