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New Video

Demonstration Video:

Clarena shows her clients the high quality of her attractive and practical custom made coats to keep small dogs warm in cold Canadian Winters. If you watch closely you will see a couple of her beautiful canine models.

Zena, supermodel

Zena in her new coat!

Zena’s new Clarena Coat has reflective safety stripes on sides and legs. For protection from West Coast rain, she has water-resistant patches on her back, lower legs and belly. Her coat also has a flattering and cosy lining for extra warmth.

How do I look?


Taylor is ready for a walk in the sunshine.

Taylor is dressed for indoors, today. She protecting her eyes from the camera’s flash.

But, she has many different outfits for when she goes outside: raincoats and rain capes for the wet days and four-legged, insulated coats for the cold days.  Many of her coats have reflective stripes to warn drivers when she is crossing the road.

For Spring and Fall, she has lighter coats with short sleeves.